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ithin the pages of this book, you will find a revised and
W an expanded edition of my initial book, Slice Of Life: A
Self-Help Odyssey. A practical perspective for thriving within the
trappings of the physical world, published in 2012. This edition,
re-launched under a new name, contains all of the materials pub-
lished within the pages of the initial publication in addition to some
notable changes, including, several additional sections and chap-
ters which attempt to round out the spiritual/existential concept of
life introduced in the initial book. Also, new, a Foreword by Pro-
fessor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Iceland, Dr. Erlendur

This edition was motivated by my psychotherapy clients, all of
whom found the first edition helpful in their emotional recovery, and
by mental health professionals who referred clients to my practice
after reading the book.

A special thank you to Peter Billiaert for his encouragement and
valuable suggestions after reading drafts of this new edition. A thank
you to my dogs, Loki and Thor, for their everlasting affection, and
last but not least, to my husband John Van Bakel for his enduring
support and patience during the many hours I spent sitting at the
computer typing away.

The foundational concepts in this book are mainly based on the
works of Jane Roberts, The Seth Material, and on the writings of the
existential philosopher, Dr. Victor Frankl, as well as on concepts gar-
nered from Neale Donald Walschs trilogy, Conversations with God

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