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Erlendur Haraldsson, Ph.D.
ick Lindal, Ph.D., was born in the city of Reykjavik, Iceland.
R He spent his boyhood years at his uncles farm at Lakjamot in
the north of Iceland and his teen years at Laugardalsholar, a farm in
the south. As with all youth born in this remote country, Dr. Lindal
learned about the countrys folklore and fairy tales, and the com-
monplace interest in ghosts and communication with the departed.
During his teenage years, Rick developed a keen interest in para-
psychology, which led to the reading of untold books on the sub-
ject and to the study of psychology at the universities of Toronto,
Guelph, and Calgary in Canada, and later at the University of York
in England where he completed his doctorate dissertation.

During his studies and over the course of thirty years, Dr. Lindal
received training in numerous therapeutic techniques, including
individual, family, and group psychotherapy. He has worked as a psy-
chologist in prison, hospital, and community settings, and he is cur-
rently in private practice near the city of Toronto, Canada.

In recent years his psychotherapeutic technique has been focused
on assisting his patients in the development and understanding of
issues that pertain to their existence and purpose in life. This mode
of therapy is focused on the exploration of existential and spiri-
tual issues. During the course of treatment, regression techniques
are often employed which attempt to allow patients to recall past
lives, including the death experiences following those lives, as well
as recollections of their activities following those incarnations once
they have entered the Spiritual Dimension. Dr. Lindal tells me that
explorations within the Spiritual Dimension prior to incarnations on

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