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Earth have proved helpful for some patients, as it is through them
that they may often recall the reasons why they decided to venture
into their current incarnation. These existential/spiritual explora-
tions have the effect of widening the clients sense of existence and
helps them bestow a sense of purpose and meaning within their cur-
rent lives.

In this book, The Purpose: Your Souls Emotional Journey.
Learning how to experience life through a different lens, Dr. Lindal
attempts to present these complicated concepts in laymans terms,
so readers unfamiliar with these concepts can readily understand
them. Within the pages of this book, a worldview is presented, based
mainly on the writings of Jane Roberts Seth Material, Neale Donald
Walschs Conversations with God, Dr. Michael Newtons Journey of
the Souls and Destiny of the Souls, and Victor Frankls extensive
writings on existential thought and psychotherapy.
The basic concepts presented in the book can be summarized as
follows: (1) Every human consciousness exists simultaneously, both
within the Spiritual Dimension and on Earth; the consciousness sta-
tioned within the Spiritual Dimension is referred to as the over-
soul and it guides a portion of itself, i.e. the soul, via intuition, that
is projected onto Earth and envelops and maintains the existence
of the human body during its lifetime. (2) Our consciousness never
ceases to exist, and (3) we become fully aware of our greater being
immediately following the death of our physical bodies. (4) A life-
time is simply a finite journey from our normal home within the Spir-
itual Dimension onto the planet Earthstationed within a Physical
Dimension of space/time. (5) All events of major significance during
our lifetimes are pre-destined and orchestrated by ourselves (i.e. our
over-soul) prior to our physical existence. (6) The main purpose for
our incarnations on Earth is to experience negative emotions first-
hand, as the depths of these emotions cannot be experienced by
our over-souls when they are focused exclusively within the Spiritual

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