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Dimension, and (7) it is through these experiences that our over-
souls evolve spiritually. (8) Every individual is responsible for his
actions, as he is the sole architect of all the experiences during his
lifetime. (9) A divine challenge, or paradox, is self-imposed upon all
incarnating souls; however, while the challenge during a lifetime is
to experience the full thrust of negative emotions, a human being
must not kill himself or others as a consequence of the intense sen-
sations this experience may cause him to feel.

There are numerous other existential and spiritual concepts
espoused in this book that build on these basic ideas. Also, in the
appendix and in the postings on the books website, many of these
issues are explored in more detail for the interested reader.
In conversation with Dr. Lindal, he explains how once this over-
arching worldview is in place for his patients (i.e. for those who are
able to accept these existential/spiritual concepts, or at least some
of them), a context is provided, where the mundane psychological
techniques, commonly used by psychologists when treating patients,
have a better opportunity to take hold and change behavior. In
his experience, a psychotherapy void of the exploration of pur-
pose, meaning, and spirituality seldom achieves positive long-term

The overarching thesis in this text is that full emergence into
negative emotions is the main objective of physical existence, while
at the same time our challenge is not to cause harm to ourselves or
to others when these emotions are overwhelming. From this per-
spective, a lifetime, as depicted in this book, is not an easy journey.
Dr. Lindal explains that many readers find it is difficult to accept the
idea that they themselves create their own experience, both the ups
and the downs, in order to learn about the most painful emotions
imaginable. And not only that, they are also in agreement, albeit on
a spiritual level, with everything bad that does happen to them.

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